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June is Double Bonus Month

by Susan Ost on 06/12/11

Ambit Energy has extended double bonuses for the month of June 2011. Click on my flyer at the bottom of my website and get all the details for Spring "Ka-Ching" and get your share of June's Double Bonuses.

Susan Ost's AMBIT Energy Web Interface

by Susan Ost on 06/12/11

I have just launched my new web site to make it easier to see my Ambit Presentations.

Suan Wotring Ost - Ambit Regional Consultant
Ambit Energy offers an opportunity of helping others as you are building wonderful friendships and security for all of those that see the vision and knowing that their dreams can come true. When people see how they can help others save money as they are saving on their own electric bills and gas in other states by just sharing what you have experienced. Come join the wonderful world of Ambit Energy that will pay you residual income for the rest of your life and your estate if you take the time to build an organization of wonderful people.
Ambit Energy Fact Sheet

Ambit is a retail energy provider that is making a difference for energy consumers in following states:

Texas, New York, Illinois, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

We  provide energy services to the following customers in these states:
Texas – electricity for residential and commercial customers
New York - electricity and natural gas for residential and small business customers
Illinois - electricity and natural gas for residential customers
Maryland - electricity for residential customers
Pennsylvania - electricity for residential customers.

Our customers enjoy significant savings and an attractive travel rewards program.

Additionally, through our Free Energy Program,
Customers can reduce or eliminate their energy charges each month by referring friends and associates to use Ambit Energy service.

We acquire our customers through a network of Independent Sales Consultants.

In the highly-competitive market for energy consumers, this acquisition strategy has proven to be the most effective way to gather loyal customers.

In fact, it has allowed us to be among the fastest-growing retail energy providers in the markets in which we operate.

Further, we have forged an energy purchasing agreement with one of the largest energy producers in the world, which allows us to forecast energy costs accurately and, in turn, provide highly competitive pricing to our customers.
My Ambit Energy Consultant Presentation
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